Dempster Boats Closed May 31st, 2021 due to the impact of Covid on operations. Thank you to the many canoe, kayak, paddleboard and skin boat builders who have supported us over the years. If you are building a wood boat or paddleboard at home and need help, I am providing consultation services.

A New Standup Paddleboard for Boat Builders and Woodworkers

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A Work of Art!
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10 ft. 6 in. Length
220 lb. Capacity
32 lb. Bare Weight

Wood Paddleboard on Floating on Water

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The Board

Gorgeous lines, a stable ride and light weight make this board a joy to paddle.
Cedar strips Bead and Cove Shaped Cedar Strips

Cedar Strips

and marine plywood blend together beautifully in this wood board. The fiberglass wrapped
hollow core Varnish Being Applied to Hollow Interior of Paddleboard

No Foam

construction is strong, and the board is engineered to be stable on the water. A single removable fin makes transport and storage easy.

The Project

This is a challenging yet fun project for the home builder. Many parts are
pre-cut Internal Paddleboard Frames Showing Intricate Hole Pattern

Internal Frames

so the board can be built with hand tools. No stapling or steam bending is involved.
Some sanding Sanding Curved Wood Sidewalls of Paddleboard

Sanding Upper Surfaces

of wood and fiberglass is required. You will need a friend or two to help you with installation of the deck and for fiberglassing but otherwise you can work at your own pace.


Let this board be your cure for the overload of a digital world. Use it as a fly fishing platform, or a yoga studio at the cottage
lake Lake in Frontenac Park with Mist Rising and Absolutely Smooth Water

Your Favourite Place

. Make it as a wedding present, a retirement activity, a personal challenge, or simply as an indulgence for your
Friluftsliv. Nordic Concept of Happiness in Outdoor Life
Add your own
artwork Sheaf of Lavender Flowers Painted on Paddleboard

Woodburn, Paint, Inlay and more

for a very personal touch, or let the wood shine through.
Hull and Internal Frames Laid Out Flat

Pieces of marine plywood are joined together to make the hull.

Internal frames are then glued onto the hull.

Completed Paddleboard Being Removed from Support Cradles

The board is released from the support cradles.

The excess sidewall is trimmed off and the board turned over to work on the bottom.

Paddleboard Structure with Internal Components Visible

The Hull-Frame assembly is laid on the support cradles.

The cedar strip sidewalls are glued to the frames.

Epoxy Resin Being Applied to Fiberglass Cloth on Hull of Paddleboard

As epoxy resin is applied to the fiberglass cloth, it becomes transparent.

The cured fiberglass surface is sanded smooth. The process is repeated for the deck.

Dry Fitting Deck on Paddleboard Structure

The deck is fitted, glued in place and then sealed.

The surface of the deck and two sidewalls are sanded smooth.

First Coat of Varnish Being Applied

Varnish is applied to provide protection against UV light.

Whether glossy or satin, clear or traditional amber (shown here), it looks beautiful.

Sequence abbreviated and details omitted.