Repair Service for C4 and C15 Canoes

Dempster Boats Announces Large Racing Canoe Repair Service.

Canoe and kayak clubs in the Toronto area have been bringing their wood boats to us for repair so we thought we would make it official and add racing canoe repairs to our list of services.

Racing canoes such as C4’s and C15’s (sometimes called war canoes) get heavily used during a normal season and need to be maintained to provide maximum speed in the water and a safe environment for paddlers.

Typical repairs for a racing canoe might include:

  • Crushed or dented nose (from hitting a dock)
  • Broken coaming (from loading on trailers or paddle strikes)
  • Worn out finishes on decks and interior surfaces  (normal use and sun exposure)
  • Broken or damaged gunwales (tying down on trailers or from paddle strikes)
  • Broken or Loose Thwarts (from use)
  • Fibreglass scratches (from contact with shore or dock)
  • Floorboards (wear and tear)
  • Rotten wood (from water penetration under the fibreglass at points of impact )

We also refinish hulls to give these canoes back their true performance and your team its competitive edge.



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