Boats You Can Build

At Dempster Boats we help people to build their own boats and boards.

The thought of building your own boat may be a bit overwhelming, but we assure you with proper guidance it’s fairly easy to do. We encourage first time builders, those with limited space at home, or restrictive municipal bylaws to enroll in our Build With Us Program which will make the journey much easier and more enjoyable.

This page shows you some of the models clients have built in our shop.
15 ft. Ranger - Cedar Strip

When you Build With Us Dempster Boats:

  • we have the right tools and equipment
  • we are available on the spot to guide you – no waiting for return phone calls, watching videos on websites or posting messages on forums
  • we can give you tips and tricks use you can use right away
  • we can help you solve problems should they arise

If we don’t have the boat your want to build, you may bring the plans or building kit purchased elsewhere.  If you are working from plans or a kit purchased elsewhere, some limitations will apply. The price will be determined after we review your plans or kit. Please contact the shop for details.

Models mentioned here are for identification purposes only and may be the intellectual property of their respective owners. Dempster Boats is not a representative of any company and the presence of a model on this site does not constitute an endorsement. 


Freedom 17 (17')

  • Fast, responsive canoe.  Efficient for paddling long distances. Can be paddled solo.
  • Asymmetrical hull. Very little tumblehome. Modern relatively flat shearline. Can accomodate a sliding seat.

Kit Price :

Build with Us Price : $3700

Cutting the Centre Line

Nomad (17')

  • Large capacity canoe suitable for recreation or work. Handles nicely when loaded. Suitable for carrying gear and animals.
  • Symmetrical hull. Wide beam. Definite rocker. Deep draft. Deep centre.

Kit Price :

Build with Us Price : $3700

Prospector (16')

  • A large volume canoe that can be used for work or camping. Good maneouverability in whitewater but must have a load to handle well.
  • Symmetrical hull. Definite rocker. Shallow arch bottom with full ends. Deep draft .

Kit Price :

Build with Us Price : $3650


Ranger (15')

  • Midsized, 2 person canoe with good load carrying capacity. Suitable for canoe camping. Paddles very nicely solo.
  • Symmetrical hull. Definite rocker. Shallow arch bottom with full ends.

Kit Price :

Build with Us Price : $3600

Tandem Skin

Tandem Skin (15')

  • Kayak style seating and paddling in a modern skin on frame canoe.  Light weight construction without epoxy and fibreglass.  Can be built as a kayak with a deck and cockpit.
  • Lightweight skin-on-frame construction.

Kit Price :

Build with Us Price : $1500 (Canoe)

Arctic Tern

Plywood Kayak 14 ft. (14')

  • A responsive, single seat, plywood kayak. Great for smaller paddlers. Low deck behind cockpit aids rolling.
  • Lightweight Plywood Construction
  • Designed by Pygmy Boats

Kit Price : Client brought his kit to our shop.

Build with Us Price : Call for Pricing

Prices shown are before tax and are subject to change without notice.

Accent wood, decorative items and special features are not included in the price as these vary with people’s tastes. Pictures may show boats with these items installed.

Extra charges may apply if custom equipment has to be built or special materials are required for your project.