New Equipment in the Shop

Dust is an annoyance and a hazard in a woodworking shop. The old style bag dust collectors, seen in some photos of our shop, have been replaced. The cloth bags on these old style collectors initially block dust very well but eventually leak it, especially the fine dust, as they age.

Overhead collectors don’t really address the problem. You need to capture as much of the dust at its source as you can. Trying to filter after it has escaped and spread is just not effective. Also, overhead collectors can’t process the whole volume of air in a large shop like ours. The dust just floats around the shop until you sweep up, wash the floors and air the place out by opening the garage door. Sound like your shop at home?

We decided to go with a modern, mobile, cyclone unit.  Cyclones spin the sawdust inside a triangular cone, separating the fine dust from the larger chips, dumping both into separate sealed containers.  The difference has to be breathed to be believed. The mobile collector can also be positioned close to the machine in use, minimizing the length of ducting required and thereby maintaining maximum suction.

Clients building in the shop use small hand tools which don’t generate much dust except for the orbital sander. Our sander is specifically designed for a direct dust extraction and for that we attach a high efficiency portable dust collector.

In addition, dust and chemical masks are available for everyone building in the shop.

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