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This is the page where we highlight clients who are building their own boat in our shop. Photos get added after each work session so friends and family can follow along. Move your cursor over a picture and a caption will tell you little bit about each photo.

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Dave and Brenda Jenner

Dave and Brenda wanted to make a canoe as a wedding gift for their son and his fiancee.  The only catch was that I had to keep it secret – no posting pictures etc.  Well the wedding date has passed so I can finally reveal their secret.  Dave, Brenda and their daughter Breanne did a great job. This is a gift that will be remembered.
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Marla MacNaull

Marla has built wooden boats before so she was happy to be the first to construct a paddleboard in our shop.  Her parents came and helped out – I think they enjoyed it too.  Marla took the finished board up to the lake and it has been used by her family everyday since.  Not only that, her dog, who normally does not like water, loves sitting up front on the board as it gets paddled around the lake!
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Brad Regan

Alt Text

Brad really enjoys canoeing and fishing.  He chose the 16 ft. Prospector as it met his needs. He has been building by himself with occasional help from his daughter and his wife, and as you can see, his canoe is coming along really nicely.

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Brian LeBlanc

Brian bought a plywood kayak kit and came to ask for help with it.  When he saw the shop and met the people he decided he would build with us. Brian has had his kayak out on the water many times now  and reports that he absolutely loves it.
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Scott Keeler & Anne Reid

Trimming the First Strip

Scott and Anne had a specific requirement. They have three Labrador dogs and wanted to take them with them on their canoe trips. Lucky dogs! They chose to build a Nomad as it had the capacity to carry both the dogs and themselves with ease.  Now they are back at the shop to make cherry paddles to go with their canoe.
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Ron Patey

Shaving Stems

Ron was interested in building a lightweight boat for a winter project. We looked at plans from a number of sources and settled on a modern skin on frame canoe, the Tandem 15 ft., from Berkshire Boatbuilding. We modified it slightly to suit some of Ron’s requirements. It was our first skin on frame in the shop. The grandkids came over to help out from time to time and got to paddle it in the summer after it was finished.
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Wayne Lister

The straightest centreline ever, if I do say so myself!

Wayne was the owner of a steel fabrication business across the street.  One day he came looking for the electrician who used to be in our shop. He was pleasantly surprised to find us building boats and decided he’d like to make a canoe.  His grandson and wife got in on the action too. Nice lines Wayne!
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Bob Hurst

Installing a Seat

I read in an interview that Bob gave that he wanted to build a cedar strip canoe. I fired off an email to him. He came to the shop and decided to build a Ranger with us. His wife Cathy helped frequently and they had the canoe ready for a summer on the water.  Wayne Lister was building his Ranger at the same time, so you’ll see some pictures with both of them in each of their galleries.
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Kevin Whitham

Kevin knew exactly what he wanted. A Canadian C4 champion, he likes boats that track well and move fast.  The Freedom 17 is an asymmetrical design that does exactly that. A bit more forgiving than the racing boats he was used to, it was a good choice for canoe camping with his young sons.  Building was a family affair as Mom and Dad and sons all helped out. Kevin opted to install a sliding bow seat, and paddled off into Algonquin Park.
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Terry McCann

Terry and I were volunteers at Kids and Classics Boatshops in Glen Williams, a small hamlet just north of Georgetown. Members help youth to build rowing skiffs and restore classic powerboats as part of their charity program. Terry wanted to build a canoe but there was not sufficient space, so I said let’s do it together at my house. We were three-quarters done when someone on my street complained to the bylaw police and we were forced to move. We finished off his canoe in a friend’s garage. Despite the interruption you can see that Terry’s Ranger turned out beautifully.
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