Dempster Boats repairs all makes of wood canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and skin on frame boats. We repair wooden racing canoes such as the C4 and C15 used by many canoe clubs.

We also repair wood trim on fibreglass and other small boats.

Common Problems

  • Peeling Paint or Varnish
  • Torn Canvas or Fabric
  • Damaged Seats
  • Broken Bars
  • Cracked or Broken Ribs
  • Cracked or Broken Hull Planks
  • Damaged Keels
  • Split or Damaged Gunwales
  • Split or Broken Decks
  • Rotted Wood Parts
  • Broken Metal Stem Bands
  • Corroded Metal Hardware

canoe pictures

Cracked Ribs

Cracked RibsThese ribs need to be replaced as they are cracked right through.

Holes in the Hull

Hole in HullA hole in the hull can be repaired with a length of new planking.

Decayed Bottom

Decayed BottomThe entire canvas of this canoe is rotten and the bottom is warped. The boat was left outside, unprotected from the weather for years.

Mould Inside Canvas

Mould on CanvasWater and dirt sitting in a canoe seeps between the planks and the canvas, and starts the growth of mould (black lines).

Rotten Keel

Rotten KeelRot in a keel may not be visible until it is removed from the hull.

Seperated Keel

Separated KeelThis keel has separated from the hull. Water will leak into the hull where the keel has detached.

Steel Fasteners

Steel FastenersIt was easy to push the punch awl through the corner of this row boat. The steel screw (lying on top) had rusted and surrounding wood had rotted.

Rotten End

Rotten Canoe EndThe deck, inwales, outwales, stem and planking at the end of this canoe are all rotten. The whole end of the canoe needs to be rebuilt.

Repair Costs

These prices are for wood canvas canoes only. They are subject to change and taxes are not included. We cannot provide an estimate repairs over the phone.

Outwale Replacement $
Rib Replacement $
Planking Replacement $
Deck Replacement $
Stem Repair $
Canvas Replacement & Filling $


We cannot provide an repair estimates over the phone. We need to see your boat to accurately assess what work is required.

If you live far away from the shop we can arrange a remote inspection with photographs or video chat.

There is no fee for a basic inspection. There is a fee for a detailed quote. The fee is waived if:

  • you choose to have the repair work done by Dempster Boats
  • or we think your boat should be given a Viking Funeral.

How Long Will It Take?

The best time for repairs is through the winter. Repairs get backed up in the spring and early summer. Repairs may take 6 weeks or longer. If the repair can be done on the spot or in short order we will tell you.

Payment and Delivery

Payment is accepted by cash or certified cheque only. A deposit is required before we start the work and the balance is due upon completion.

Boats must be picked up within one week of completion or storage charges may apply.

Depending on your location, delivery may be available.

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